Innovation - Anomaly Detection Platform

Real time business incident detection

Business Insight latency costs companies millions of dollars based on non-availability of real time analytics, high rate of false positives, lack of ability to investigate and inability to scale with existing tools . Saberpoint’s automated anomaly detection platform uses advanced machine learning techniques to learn your data’s normal behaviour, identify abnormal behaviour and alert you on it. The platform automatically tracks multiple KPIs and all of their permutations, connecting the dots between anomalies to form a picture of what is happening on the ground.

The automated machine learning algorithms continuously analyze all your business data and alert you in real time whenever an incident occurs, even for questions you never thought to ask. By detecting the business incidents that matter and identifying why they happen. By correlating across multiple data sources, the platform lets you remedy urgent problems faster and capture opportunities sooner. Unlike traditional BI, it has built-in data science, so any user can easily gain actionable business insights without data science expertise. Distinctive features of the automated anomaly detection include:

  • Automatically surfaces unusual behavior in the data. Uncovers issues – both positive and negative – that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.
  • Handles complex situations such as seasonality, trends, and changing behaviors in the data.
  • Autoselects from multiple advanced algorithms for the most appropriate one for the exhibited data pattern and autotunes as it goes along.
  • Analyzes multiple time scales simultaneously, to ensure nothing is missed
  • Agnostic to the type of data.


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