Innovation - Customer-Driven Insights Platform

Measure and analyze every touch-point of your customer

Saberpoint’s customer-driven insights platform helps in solving your marketing & business challenges with customers' interactions data while enabling your customers to understand and control the personal data they share with your brand. With privacy at a premium, the platform enables brands to transparently collect and analyze customer’s past and present interactions at every touch-point. This gives you the ability to analyze interactions that customers have had with your brand over the past 10 years and infinitely into the future, fast & Easy integration with your digital platforms, real time analytics and business insights.

Some key benefits of using this platform –

  • Data for all customers interaction is at your fingertips
  • Elicit revenue-generating behaviours from customers and increase their lifetime value
  • Increase retention by encouraging customer engagement on brand’s apps and websites
  • Enhance existing marketing automation tools by bridging online and offline behaviour


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