Innovation - Customer Experience Monitoring

Optimize Web and Mobile Customer Experiences

People see the world through a digital lens now. The digital experience and the customer experience are one and the same; there is no delineation. Imagine you could look over your digital visitors shoulder to both visualise and analyze their behaviour beyond data, replay online journeys and get to the root cause of struggles and drop-offs. With Saberpoint’s CEM platform, that is essentially what you can do.

Using the platform there are various digital analytics challenges that you can overcome –

  • View online customer journeys in real time
  • Optimise forms and improve conversions
  • Improve customer support
  • Identify issues that are impacting the business
  • Effective complaint management


The platform empowers organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile Customers. Leveraging unparalleled big data, behavioural analytics, session replay, free-text-search and application monitoring capabilities. The platform not only tells you that there’s an issue with checkout abandonment, but why there’s an issue. Not just what customers are doing, but about every single click, swipe and mouse movement. The platform is designed specifically for enterprises that bring insight and intelligence to your digital operations.


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