Innovation - Customer Loyalty Solutions

Initiate sustainable loyalty,
marketing and retention programs.

Mobile is a channel of choice for businesses as well as customers to interact and engage. Right from creating awareness to encouraging purchase and loyalty, you can grab the attention of your customers at every stage in the customer life cycle.

Saberpoint’s effective and flexible customer retention solutions help you meet the demands of your business with ease. Through advanced analytics on customer behavior and interests, you can build great relationships as well as drive more relevant offers and rewards.

Initiate sustainable loyalty, 
marketing and retention programs.

What do Saberpoint’s loyalty retention solutions offer?

  • Seamless integration with every POS
  • Support for all payment methods
  • Enrollment of shoppers through loyalty cards or phone numbers
  • Real-time analytics of all POS transactions
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Send digital receipts straight to shoppers’ mobile devices
  • Data capture & actionable reporting
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & personalization

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