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Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Growing Pharmaceutical Company
Number of employees: 100

Customer Background and Challenges

Our customer is a growing pharmaceutical company based in the United States. Their industry is highly regulated and their customers include commercial as well as government entities including Medicare/Medicaid.

The sales process has various contractual complexities including a complex chargeback process, extremely high transaction volume, and complex rebate and discount clauses. This coupled with a number of disparate systems not integrated with each other caused an extremely challenging environment for reporting and understanding business performance.

Our customer was facing multiple challenges in integration of information coming from various systems, each of which had issues around performance, consistency and accuracy. Additionally, management reporting was extremely time consuming, non-standardized and manual. Report outputs were not appealing and not easily customizable.

The SAP business intelligence solution stack provided the ideal platform for them to create a centralized information store, collect, cleanse and co-relate information from various sources. It also provided a way to perform consistency and accuracy checks across systems easily and automatically.

The platform also provided the ability to take the information and quickly generate appealing, consistent, standardized and flexible reports for various management roles.

A previous attempt to perform a similar project with a different platform had failed due to the complexity of the business processes.

Implemented Solution

The customer implemented the SAP Data Services stack to implement a consolidated data warehouse and automate various manual processes through ETL capabilities. Additionally they utilized the SAP Business Objects stack to generate flexible, consistent, standardized and appealing reports for business functions.

The Results

The process provided key insights into the systems, processes and information management practices within the organization. It resulted in a number of improvements such as:

  • Consistency across business functions
  • Generation of reliable and timely reports for business insights
  • Focus on decision support rather than report generation

Future Plans

The customer will utilize the platform to transform management reporting within the organization and decommission existing standalone reporting tools. They will also utilize the automation capabilities to improve and automate business processes and deliver consistent and accurate transaction processing within the organization.

Our Expertise

Saberpoint’s strong capabilities in business process analysis, systems integration, business intelligence and reporting allowed us to understand the complex business environment of the customer. Our strong project execution capabilities allowed us to manage customer expectations and deliver a product that met customer needs and provided relevant and timely improvements to the business process and reporting environment within the organization.

Additionally our strong capabilities on the SAP solution stack allowed them to fully utilize the capabilities of the tools and provide a flexible and scalable solution.

Customer Feedback

The customer is pleased with the solution, as it has helped them reduce processing errors and improve consistency within the organization.

The management has expressed delight over the outputs of the reporting suite mentioning that these are much better than what they currently have and are planning to move all reporting to this environment and decommission their current reporting stack.