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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

When your business moves fast and changes with the times, you need the right tools to harness the power of information and turn it into actionable insights.

Our easy-to-use analytics and Business Intelligence tools help you save time and grow faster in more ways than one:

  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Get an overview on all processes
  • Transform insights into end-user behavior
  • Access business metrics reports anytime, anywhere

Enterprise Performance Management

In order to continuously improve, performance must be frequently measured. Our Enterprise Performance Management solutions offer a complete set of tools and applications that help you analyze, plan and execute your organization’s goals. Through the alignment of business activities with business goals, we help you establish a high-performance culture.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Many organizations are turning to Predictive Analytics to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage. At Saberpoint, we go beyond traditional statistics and reporting to provide real-time foresight.

How can Saberpoint Predictive Analytics Solutions help you take a forward-looking approach?

  • Identify trends
  • Drive strategic decision making
  • Predict changes in revenue
  • Forecast customer churns and pain points
  • Strategize ways to keep customers happy
  • Increase revenue

Social Media Analytics & Engagement

If your organization is trying to connect and engage customers on social media, then you need powerful tools to unlock the full value of your social media outreach and campaigns.

This is possible with our specialized analytics tool that helps measure, analyze and track engagement and conversions across social channels, so you can better understand your customers and be more engaging.  


Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

No matter what kind of mobile app you are building, our Mobile Analytics tool allows you to measure the full value of your app across all key stages, from discovery and download to in-app conversions. Our team will help you unlock insights about your users and their behaviors, so you can understand what keeps them engaged, and your app more successful.

Target the right audience at the right time with our innovative Mobile Advertising solution