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Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Your device knows more about you than you do. This is why you must make sure this information and data is safe on your private device.

From the device itself to the cloud where your data is hosted, Saberpoint protects your mobile device from:

  • Mobile viruses, malicious infections and phishing
  • Theft or loss of your device 
  • Keeping your information and data where it is supposed to be at all times


Contain threats before they enter your digital environment. There are a myriad of ways to get viruses, malware, ransomware, and other devastating invasions on your computer or device. Containerization is a method of containing the incoming threats, and leaving it up to you to dispose them off.

  • Create a virtual “container” around your data, for example your inbox
  • Threats are contained and executed within the “container” instead of your inbox
  • Executed threats are brought to your attention, where you can manage them appropriately
  • Open your files with peace of mind
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Accidents happen. Catastrophes can interrupt your employee productivity, destroy valuable assets, and can lead to a general decrease in performance.

Protect your data and applications from potential disaster through the following methods with support from Saberpoint:

  • Redundancy – The redundancy of systems and data is imperative when threatened with a potential disaster. Saberpoint can help bolster your infrastructure through backups, cloud computing and more.
  • Mobility – Whether your employees are using company-owned devices or a BYOx (Bring Your Own App, Content and Device) policy, keep all of your important and sensitive data safe while being able to maintain communication.
  • Risk Management – Saberpoint will help you develop a strategy around potential risks that threaten your data and systems by analyzing potential threats and mitigating them before they become an issue.