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Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations

Drive profitable growth and capture new opportunities with our Finance & Operations Enterprise Solution.

  • Streamline core financial and operational processes through an on-premise or cloud-based ERP system
  • Easily manage spend, resources, and financial reporting requirements by integrating with key financial and accounting processes
  • Automate financial operations by aligning performance with overall business goals
  • Get real-time insights on overall financials
  • Improve user adoption, reduce costs and simplify processes by seamlessly integrating with your existing software
  • Get timely reports on profitability and margins down to the customer and product level, enabling better decision making

Create a secure and personalized customer experience with cutting-edge ATM security technology


Human Capital Management

Develop, manage and empower your people to succeed by creating a people-centric organization.

  • Manage and optimize your workforce through a central and modular subscription-based HR platform
  • Empower, engage and develop your workforce to achieve better results
  • Understand the needs of your employees and create a work culture of continuous learning and development
  • Align your workforce with overall business goals and deadlines
CRM & Loyalty

CRM & Loyalty

Empower your marketing, sales and service professionals with complete customer intelligence so they can create personalized customer experiences.

  • Enable your team to define customers based on their industry and personalize every customer journey
  • Leverage advanced insights and engagement capabilities
  • Automate core sales force functions to go beyond traditional CRM
  • Discover our sales software that helps you make important choices that impact your team and customers
  • Work and collaborate from anywhere with cloud-based CRM that delivers insight and agility on any device – anytime, anywhere

Create personalized customer experiences with our Customer Loyalty Solutions


Content and Document Management

Manage your structured and unstructured data more effectively with Enterprise Content and Document Management Solutions.

  • Enhance the entire information lifecycle – from document imaging and archiving to records and digital asset management
  • Make it easier to capture, organize and secure your business content
  • Seamlessly integrate document management and unstructured content with business processes for efficiency, collaboration and compliance
  • Increase collaboration and encourage teamwork with user workspaces that centralize content, all with reduced risk 


Saberpoint’s security solutions provide your organization with the ultimate in security.

  • Protect your business from cyber attacks while shielding your information and assets
  • Benefit from strict security policies and a managed security governance framework
  • Improve crisis and security-incident management to help reduce problems and risks
  • Save your precious data and information in the unforeseen case of a disaster with our disaster recovery solutions