Solutions - Internet of Things

Machine-to-Machine Solutions (M2M)

Machine-to-Machine Solutions (M2M)

The Internet of Things consist primarily of machines and their applications talking to one another, with computer-connected humans observing, analysing and acting upon the data.

Our M2M solutions add sensors and networking technologies to your products and equipment.

Now you can do more with less as our M2M solutions allow your organization to:

  • Gather powerful insights and actionable analytics
  • Collect data for optimizing production and processes
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Detect asset misuse and theft with monitoring and location tracking

Big Data Applications and Architecture

As more companies turn to big data applications to gain new business value, the role of analyzing and structuring this data has become more important than ever.

Saberpoint’s Big Data Application and Architecture solutions help you leverage information, data and analytics by tapping into the 4Vs:

  • Volume – To support the volume of data, you need to maximize scalability, speed and cost.
  • Velocity – Good data velocity occurs when data is time-sensitive and needs to be processed and stored quickly.
  • Variety – This covers various forms of application data, from structured tabular data to unstructures data in images, videos, emails, spreadhseets and social media conversations.
  • Value – Big data ecosystem can provide previously unknown insights from data and this understanding leads to the “4th V” of Big Data – Value.
In-memory Database

In-memory Database

Businesses must compete in today’s high-speed, ‘always-on’ world where customers are more demanding than ever. Your firm’s online transactions, customer inquiries and business processes require answers securely, in large volume and instantly – in seconds, not in hours or days.

This is possible with our In-memory Database solutions that help your employees pinpoint opportunities faster, negotiate smarter and engage with customers better – thus creating a real-time and highly scalable customer-centric organization.

Indoor Location Beacon Technology

Add a competitive IoT-savvy advantage to your enterprise network with Saberpoint’s Indoor Location Technology that enables customer intimacy through understanding indoor traffic patterns and engaging customer loyalty with personalized content. 

Smart beacons with IoT intelligence enhance services, reduce personnel costs, improve customer satisfaction and provide additional revenue streams.

Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions

Now you can track and manage your vehicles, mobile workers and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform with a unique fleet, asset and mobile workforce solution.

  • Reduce fuel, maintenance and other operational costs by monitoring and managing driver behavior
  • Monitor GPS location, temperature, pressure, humidity, shock, and more.
  • Provide outstanding customer service with real-time status updates and notifications of arrival/departure
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by dispatching the closest vehicle to the job and optimizing your routes.


In addition to tracking vehicles and drivers, Saberpoint offers several solutions to give you insight into the location, status and safety of your individual shipments, from a single box to an entire palet. 


Monitor your shipment effectively with Shipment Tracking solution