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Pharmaceutical Technology Company

Pharmaceutical Technology Company
Number of employees: 500

Customer Background and Challenges

Our customer is one of the leading cloud platform solutions providers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Being an Oracle customer, our client was leaning heavily towards their HR solutions. Although there was tremendous growth, the client’s HR system was manual, and a way to track and reward performance was required. They were using ADP for core HR, but wanted something easy to use that was flexible.

Saberpoint beat out Oracle with SAP’s SuccessFactors to deliver:

  • A solid performance review and goal-setting process
  • Ways to help managers and employees manage their goals with strong reporting capabilities
  • To empower the managers with tools that would help their teams achieve and/or succeed their goals
  • A system to measure employees and find top talent within their organization
  • A process to have accurate and fair performance assessments

Implemented Solution

Our client implemented the SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and did not have the resources to implement an HR solution themselves. Saberpoint was the trusted partner to deliver a successful solution, which included design, implementation and flawless deployment.

Some highlights of this project were:

  • They were on a tight 5-week time schedule to be "live"
  • We exceeded their expectations on time and on budget
  • We had clear guiding principles and design specs, which made the process easier for them

The Results

SAP's SuccessFactors resulted in many key benefits such as:

  • Managers have the tools to assist their teams in achieving their goals
  • Managers are able to provide relevant feedback
  • Employees have accurate and fair performance assessments
  • They have a way to recognize and reward employees
  • It improved employee retention
  • It aided in identification of top talent in their organization and having them compensated accordingly
  • Company objectives are now more thorough for all employees
  • They now have one standard evaluation process

Our Expertise

Saberpoint’s strong capabilities in business process analysis, systems integration, allowed us to understand the complex HR environment of the customer. Our strong project execution capabilities allowed us to manage customer expectations and deliver a product that met customer needs and provided relevant and timely improvements to the HR process within the organization.

Customer Feedback

The management has expressed delight over the SuccessFactors solution and feels that these are much better than what they had before. The employees love the simplicity of the platform.