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Marketing And Customer Loyalty Solutions

Increase conversions by improving customer experience with personalization, automation, AI, and other customer loyalty solutions

Marketing And Customer Loyalty Solutions

Saberpoint offers a portfolio of disruptive marketing and customer loyalty solutions, all aimed at understanding each individual customer’s behavior and preferences, meeting them at their preferred communication channel, and seamlessly managing these customer relationships across all channels.

Marketing Solutions

Drive brand awareness, customer conversion and loyalty

Saberpoint’s marketing solutions leverage AI to personalize and automate each customer interaction to improve their recency, frequency and monetary spend.

1. Personalized marketing and customer retention platform

Saberpoint offers a personalized marketing and customer retention platform that goes way beyond the traditional "customer loyalty" solutions for brick and mortar retail stores and for eCommerce. In essence it captures SKU-level data from 100% of transactions tied to individual customers with no POS integration required, provides detailed reporting, and enables the segmentation of customers to support highly targeted marketing campaigns to influence customer behavior. All reports are available in real time, and additionally enable you to monitor employee productivity, know what’s selling and when to reorder, use promotions to incentivize shoppers to buy and use real in-store data to help staff make the perfect recommendations and add-on sales.

2. Relationship Marketing Platform

This platform enables companies to leverage AI to gain actionable insights into their customers by facilitating each customer’s unique journey through its marketing efforts across all channels, including digital and snail mail.

3. User Generated Content (UGC) Marketing Platform

Our Customer Content Marketing platform enables you to collect, manage, analyze, and distribute User Generated Content in a single platform, with scalable AI-powered solutions to deploy at multiple touch points with customers.

4. eCommerce Personalization Solution

Our eCommerce Personalization solution provides personalized recommendations to individual online shoppers by consuming the retailer's product catalog and enhancing it using its proprietary knowledge bases and algorithms to improve product search and discovery for the customer, translating to higher conversions and revenues.

5. Customer Feedback Solution

Our customer feedback solution is aimed at surveying survey customers at their preferred point of contact, including the point of sale in real time via tablets, which does not actually require integration with any of your existing systems. The questions can be updated in real time, and there are extensive analytics for customer responses to improve in store and online customer experience.

Saberpoint works closely with our customers to introduce and implement these next generation marketing and customer loyalty solutions to stay ahead of the competition and drive incremental revenue from increasingly loyal customers at their preferred communication channels. Saberpoint offers a range of customer experience and analytics solutions from industry titans like SAP and Salesforce.

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