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Cyber Security Assessment and Solutions

Prevent, restore and protect from the real threats we face everyday using cyber security assessment and solutions

Cyber Security Assessment and Solutions

Saberpoint understands that networks, devices, programs, and data are all at risk of attack, damage, or unauthorized access more than ever today, and has partnered with leading cyber security assessment and solution experts to combat threats and ultimately protect your organization's internal and external information.


Keep your data, systems, devices, and people protected

The cyber security services provided by our partners include:

  • Cyber Intelligence: Unique technology that optimizes intelligence information analysis
  • Penetration Testing: Conducted on an infrastructure level or application level
  • Advanced Persistent Threat: High level sophisticated penetration test that focuses on information assets
  • Incident Response & Forensics: Providing the ability to identify, contain and neutralize a cyber threat
  • Source Code Analysis: Full source code review to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Mobile Application Cyber Security Assessment: Analysis of all mobile security controls
  • Audits & Surveys: Assessments based on an ‘attacker oriented’ approach
  • Training & Qualifications: Cyber training courses, seminars and workshops
  • Embedded Device & IoT Analysis: Comprehensive device analysis including signal and implemented protocol analysis
  • Defense Operation Center: Cyber Intelligence Defense Operation Center for ongoing monitoring


Secure your organization with a relevant and actionable cyber security program

Our partners provide advanced cyber security maturity assessment and solutions to strengthen your IT defenses, including:

  • Zero-Day and Unknown Exploit Detection & Prevention
  • Real Time Exfiltration Prevention
  • Multi Layered Phishing Mitigation
  • Dark Net Monitoring & Intelligence
  • Endpoint Security
  • Early breach detection
  • Privileged session management
  • Phishing Simulation and Training

Saberpoint continues to add to this portfolio to assist our customers in developing a comprehensive and integrated cyber security plan to secure their IT environment.

Small Business Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security is a pressing concern for today’s consumer and small to medium businesses (SMBs) need to pay especially close attention. It’s crucial to maintain customer trust by paying close attention to both general cyber security and data security in specific. Saberpoint provides security solutions for businesses of all sizes, and we understand the special challenges posted by small business cyber security concerns. Our small business cyber security experts can provide solutions that will protect your digital assets and customer data.

A cyber security maturity assessment is a must for businesses of all sizes, especially if you handle any sensitive customer data. Consult with our cyber security experts to ensure you are adhering with the current regulations and best practices surrounding data security.

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