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What is SAP BusinessObjects predictive analytics?

Get the right tools to harness the power of information and turn it into actionable insights with SAP Analytics

What is SAP BusinessObjects predictive analytics?

SAP’s Analytics platforms give companies the ability to leverage their most valuable asset - their data. Saberpoint is a SAP predictive analytics integrator and leverages SAP’s advanced tools and embedded machine learning to support fast and intelligent analysis in order to enable companies to adapt on the fly with analytical insights to drive business actions.

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SAP Analytics provides an intelligent foundation that can easily be expanded in terms of functionality and scaled effortlessly along with a growing business. Saberpoint works with businesses of all sizes to tap into the fundamental capabilities of an intelligent enterprise: visibility, focus, and agility. We leverage comprehensive data and analytics embedded in processes to enable users to do more with less to discover and analyze insights, plan strategies, predict outcomes, and collaborate within an integrated experience.

SAP Analytics Cloud

An integrated solution for business intelligence, collaborative planning and predictive analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud delivers comprehensive analytics capabilities in a single solution, and offers powerful, integrated analytics-as-a-service with role-based BI and data visualization, collaborative enterprise planning and advanced predictive analytics and machine learning. It features –

  • Cloud deployment
  • BI, planning, and predictive capabilities
  • Self-service Big Data analytics
  • In-context collaboration
  • Natural language processing
  • SAP Business Analysis
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP Investment Management

Saberpoint is well positioned to provide SAP migration services and SAP Analytics Cloud integration or develop custom analytics tools to assist its customers to make faster, more confident decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud. What is SAP BusinessObjects predictive analytics?

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Suite

Support your growth with a single, centralized platform for reporting and visualization

SAP’s BusinessObjects BI solutions empower its customers with data analysis tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. With Saberpoint and SAP Business Objects, you can increase Business Agility with the right information, when and where it is needed, ad-hoc reporting and analysis, and perform analysis of multidimensional data sources in an intuitive web-based environment to quickly answer complex business questions.

With SAP BI, Saberpoint can work with you on -

  • Reporting and analysis: Enable all business users to understand trends and root causes with easy-to-use BI tools for ad hoc queries, reporting, and analysis in a web environment
  • Data visualization and analytics applications: Build impactful BI visualization, dashboards, and analytics applications to assess risk, improve efficiencies, highlight unique insights, and identify opportunities.
  • Office integration: Use intuitive tools to filter and manipulate data, identify trends and outliers from within Microsoft Excel, and share findings in live Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Saberpoint works closely with its customers to unlock insights from their data and make better decisions with the SAP BI suite.

SAP Enterprise Planning

Break down silos and collaborate on plans across the business with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Intelligence Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics Solutions leverage predictive models and machine learning to assess the likelihood of future outcomes and steer a business in the right direction. Saberpoint, as a SAP predictive analytics integrator, can deploy SAP’s predictive analytics as a standalone on-premise product or a cloud solution for -

  • Cloud deployment
  • Plan alignment across finance, sales, HR, and marketing
  • Embedded analytics, reporting, and collaboration tools
  • Automation and machine learning technology
  • Seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Single source of truth for all plans

Saberpoint leverages SAP Enterprise Planning to assist its customers to align strategic, financial, and operational plans in real time to present a unified view for better decision-making.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Confidently anticipate outcomes with SAP predictive analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics Solutions leverage predictive models and machine learning to assess the likelihood of future outcomes and steer a business in the right direction. Saberpoint can deploy SAP’s predictive analytics as a standalone on-premise product or a cloud solution for -

  • Predictive modeling
  • Model management and embedding
  • Data mining, management, and scoring
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Predictive network and link analysis
  • Data scoring

Saberpoint, being a SAP predictive analytics integrator, leverages SAP’s Predictive Analytics solutions to meet its customers end-to-end predictive analytics and business forecasting needs.

SAP Crystal Reports

Continue to gain value from your existing Crystal Reports installations

Crystal Reports is a legacy analytics and reporting software solution for small and medium-sized businesses from SAP. SAP Crystal Reports enabled BI capabilities for its customers, and along with Crystal Server is deeply embedded among and extensively used by organizations of various sizes. 

Saberpoint, as a provider of SAP migration services, supports customers with legacy Crystal Reports installations to manage, troubleshoot, migrate, upgrade and customize their embedded SAP Crystal Reports software so they can continue to gain value from the investments they have made in it.

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