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Benefits of Salesforce Applications

Benefits of Salesforce Applications
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Saberpoint has partnered with Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) platform with over 150,000 customers of all sizes. CRM software like Salesforce brings companies and their customers together by creating more engaging marketing, connecting every commerce channel, increasing sales workflow productivity, tracking every customer interaction, automating mundane tasks, supporting every customer better, and building apps for any function. 


CRM solutions help with acquiring new customers and building stronger relationships with current customers aimed at accelerating business growth

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers in one central location aimed at increasing leads, closing more deals, and ultimately driving customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is relevant for every industry, ranging from retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional services etc.

Why Salesforce

Salesforce applications empower companies to work smarter and faster, while providing the tools to keeping its customers happy

It’s highly recommended to use Salesforce for startups and businesses of all sizes as it integrates an organization’s teams and technologies around a single CRM platform so every employee has the same visibility to interact with their customers as a unified entity. Using Salesforce for your business can really give it an edge. CRM software from Salesforce:

  • Is a global leader for CRM
  • Gives teams a shared view of every single customer
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to automate workflows
  • Easily integrates with existing 3rd party data and systems
  • Can be customized and scale for companies of any size
  • Protects and secures business data
  • As a cloud solution, can be accessed from any connected device
  • Can grow and scale for every business
  • Is user friendly, easy to implement and maintain

Salesforce Customer Success Platform

Salesforce Customer Success Platform is a Salesforce application that helps you grow your business

Saberpoint, authorized Salesforce integration partners, and Salesforce implementation partners, offer the following Salesforce application capabilities:

  • Sales Cloud to manage account and contact relationships, opportunity forecasting, leads pipeline and sales workflow productivity.
  • Service Cloud to enhance customer support, including call center support and self service portal
  • Community Cloud enable companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other to share knowledge and data.
  • Marketing Cloud for email, social, mobile and digital advertising to build individual customer journeys
  • Implementation of Salesforce for startups and other businesses
  • Salesforce Customer Success Platform
  • Salesforce CPQ for accurate pricing with any given product configuration
  • Commerce Cloud for B2B and B2C eCommerce
  • Engagement by building custom apps connected to Salesforce with Heroku
  • Platform and Ecosystem to extend capabilities using 3rd Party apps
  • Integration with any app, data or device that is on-premise or in the cloud
  • Einstein Analytics to make data driven decisions leveraging Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry specific solutions for industries including Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods etc
  • Productivity enhancing tools with Quip to create collaborative documents, spreadsheets, slides and apps

Saberpoint, as Salesforce integration partners, leverage Salesforce for your small business to help you understand your customers needs, address their issues and identify opportunities to build stronger relationships with them by managing their communication and information on one cohesive platform that can be accessed from any device at any time. Salesforce is especially pertinent as a platform for startups.  Saberpoint is proud to be a Salesforce consulting partner.

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