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Tableau Business Intelligence

Tableau: Harnessing Your Data for Actionable Insights

Drive enterprise transformation with a seamless analytics experience across your organization

Tableau Business Intelligence

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Tableau is a complete and integrated analytics platform that empowers its customers with an intuitive experience, specializing in reporting on all levels of your organization. We are proud to offer this solution as a way to help our customers really see new opportunities and grow. Tableau's exciting platform has been a clear leader within the “Gartner Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms” for 8 years in a row, making a truly proven system.

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Tableau is used to discover trends and can adapt to many business settings, bringing you the most useful information. Connect to the data that’s most useful to you. Whether it’s in the cloud, big data or in a data warehouse, if Tableau can access it, then it can build insights for you. You can shape and manipulate your data, and even combine it. Organization and analysis become easy using visual tools, as a way to reveal meaning. You can even share the data with those who need it most, in a trusted and secure way.

Tableau’s Business Intelligence offering enables its users with the following:

  • Interact:  Users can securely access and consume data from any device via a browser, desktop, mobile or embedded into any application. You can choose when and how your employees get their data
  • Collaborate: Put data at the front and center of your decisions through dashboards, reports, analysis and insights 
  • Analytics: Power insights with customized and advanced analytics through easy to consume visual interfaces
  • Content Discovery: Organize and manage content to make it easy for everyone to find the right data
  • Governance: Manage and streamline data use with permissions, usage analytics, data certification and centralized data sources
  • Data Prep: Prepare data with the same interactive visual interfaces as are used for its analysis, including automatic data modeling
  • Data Access: Connect to data on-premise or in the cloud, and access and manage disparate data without needing to write code
  • Deploy: Deploy any way or where you want, and integrate with your existing data infrastructure
  • Security & Compliance: Built-in security and compliance across all levels of interaction
  • Extensibility and APIs: Connect and extend Tableau to meet your specific needs by communicating with other systems

Tableau Delivers Insights

As Salesforce integration partners, Saberpoint can assist you in establishing the exact Tableau configuration needed to help you see what’s happening in your enterprise. Leverage Tableau to enable your users with trusted data, across all levels of the organization. We can help bring you the insights needed for the coming decade and beyond using the Tableau platform.

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