Supporting children with heart, technology, and strategic savvy

Saberpoint is dedicated to working with humanitarian efforts that create a lasting impact on society through positive academics and education. When matched correctly, we’ll offer our core strengths by providing planning, strategy and technology to assist students, helping them get to a level playing field, from the classroom into society. Were open to working with government officials, stakeholders and worthy NGOs, who benefit deserving children.

The M.D. Shiksha Sadan High School

Saberpoint: Supporting Educational Growth
Saberpoint proudly supports the M.D. Shiksha Sadan High School which is based in Sonipat, a city a little more than twelve miles north of Delhi, India. Established in 1995 by Headmaster Mahavir Singh, the school started in one rented room serving 22 children in the middle of a rural village. Following a year of even more growth and attendance, another rented room was added to accommodate a new class, and by the third year, the school had added enough students to be provisioned four rooms in the village Panchayat building, a community based public space. We also firmly believe in encouraging digital transformation in the education industry.

School Image

(CEO Saberpoint, Ajay Bhumitra is seen here along with current Headmaster, Narender Kumar thoughtfully interacting with the student body.)

By the fourth year, the school had added enough students to outgrow their 4 rooms. Through good timing and research, a new space was identified and had been earmarked for education in the village. This space was officially allocated to the school to support its expansion.

With community support, the students level up
When the first set of students reached the 10th Grade, they were required to take a centralized test (referred to locally as “The Board Exams”). To prepare for this test, the boys lived in the school (and the girls were sent home after sunset) to increase study time for the children, while families sent food to the school to feed them as they rallied their academic efforts. All the students scored above 70%, thereby establishing the school as a noteworthy competitor to the three well funded public schools in the area. Today, the school attracts students from all the neighboring villages, now known for its quality education. The student population has grown to 600 students inhabiting 20 classrooms, from elementary to high school.

School Image

(Students assemble right before a group quiz and assessment)

Powering a new generation
Since its inception, the Headmaster consistently requested and channeled involvement from the local community as well as private donors to tackle some funding and improvements as well as quality of life issues for the students. This effort includes a generator donated by Umesh Seth to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity which is now complemented by a recent solar panel installation.

School Image

(Left to right: Headmaster Narender Kumar, international visitors, the solar panel installation team and CEO Saberpoint, Ajay Bhumitra)

Saberpoint’s contributions
Since 2005, Saberpoint, under Ajay Bhumitra, its President & CEO, has supported some strategic improvements. The first goal was establishing the Amit Bhumitra Computer Lab, which was the first of its kind in the area in 2005.

School Image

(Amit Bhumitra in front of the room that has helped produce great students and society members)

School Image

(The Amit Bhumitra Computer Room – the fun begins here)

This Lab is responsible for accelerating the student’s ability to write and document their school projects, a key aspect in the world of academics. Shortly after, another lab was also procured to pursue science initiatives. The growth of the school wouldn’t be possible without all of the coordicnated and united efforts.

School Image

(Amana Bhumitra inaugurating the Solar Panel installation. Let there be light!)

Solar paneling was added to reduce electrical costs while delivering a stream of electricity to each classroom. All of the lighting fixtures were then updated from incandescent to LED, to make the electrical use even more efficient. Most importantly, funding was provided to develop separate bathrooms for the boys and girls (which meant the attendance for the girls was higher since they now had their own space and privacy). Whiteboards were introduced to the rooms to increase use, legibility and to facilitate collaboration.

Scholarships for orphans and the underserved
The school continues to trailblaze its efforts by supporting their community with full scholarships provided for up to 60 orphaned students (or for students whose parents require significant aid to provide an education for their children). The school also employs local members of the area to care for and administer the facility, tying a strong bond between the community and the school.

Turning teamwork into jobs
Looking forward, the vision for the school is to channel more private donations into a healthy fund, with the hopes of establishing a sports facility for the children, enriching their ability to work together and build relationships inside and outside of the classroom. This can lead to careers in technology (and beyond), as the school looks into placing the students into internships and possibly jobs in the future.

School Image

International visitors exchanging ideas!)

Looking back with pride and forward to more challenges
After years of work, the Headmaster’s vision to produce highly productive citizens has come to fruition, through the school’s educational efforts and enhanced facilities. Increasing the quality of life for everyone in the local area is always worth the extra effort for everyone involved. These commendable achievements, along with efforts and help from companies like Saberpoint, help M.D. Shiksha Sadan High School stand tall amongst it’s three publicly funded competitors.

Our children: prepared for tomorrow
The school has proudly produced high-value graduates and citizens who have joined or work for: The Indian Air Force, State Police, Commercial Airlines, and Government Positions (Income Tax Department). Saberpoint is actively looking for ways to continuing its assistance for the M.D. Shiksha Sadan High School, and all of the good work that it does.

When Students Give Back/Positive Stats:

  • State Police: 5
  • Income Tax/Government work: 3
  • Indian Airforce: 3
  • Commercial Pilot: 1
  • State Irrigation Department/Government: 1
  • B Tech Engineer: 1
  • Upper Division Clerk/Gov of India: 1