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Reshaping The US Parking Industry

Automating and Digitalization of the US Parking Industry

Reshaping The US Parking Industry

The US parking industry has traditionally been slow to innovate, but the pace of change is accelerating with the increasing use of smartphones by customers and cloud solutions by companies, both of which are driving an always available, easy to use and value driven mindset. As such, a lot of the previously manual and hardware driven processes in the Parking industry are being disrupted, with customers seeking real time information to make parking decisions and payments, and parking companies being influenced into making technology decisions to enable this.

Industry Dynamics

The US parking industry is moving towards consumer driven applications at the front end, which require real time integration and information from back end systems to be effective. Parking is no longer about just providing a spot, it has become about providing an experience. Some of the innovations in the parking industry include:

  • Mobile parking payment applications that simplify the user and parking garage operator experience and efficiency
  • Parking lot aggregators that offer parking garage and cost information, enabling comparison shopping for customers
  • Real time parking availability
  • Automation of manual tasks in the management of parking garages

Strategic Priorities for our Customers

Saberpoint works with our customers in the Parking industry to:

  • Address the various operations of parking garage and lot management companies through an integrated system of property lease tracking, customer claims management, parking slot management, customer billing enhancements, automated cash reconciliation, POS integration and slot reservation management
  • Streamline essential functions including accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), operations, sales, marketing and service
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities with real time analytics available on any device
  • Integration with third party applications that are currently used in the US parking industry
  • Develop customer facing web and mobile properties
Saberpoint delivers value to Parking Garage companies by providing an integrated platform for the management of all their parking garages with POS integration to automate customer management, reconciliation, billing and accounting leveraging Intelligent Technologies such as IoT (LPR and RFID) and Predictive Analytics.

Saberpoint’s experience positions us to assist Parking companies with their automation and digitalization initiatives.

Customer Testimonial

“Saberpoint continues to be our implementation partner for our customized SAP ERP system for our parking garage business. Being that this was a first of its kind for our industry, there were many complexities and challenges we collectively worked through in the spirit of partnership.

Their team brings a lot of retail experience to the table, which was invaluable in understanding our business requirements. Through this technology, Saberpoint was able to help us automate our business and financial processes ultimately giving us a consolidated view into our multiple companies.

They were extremely diligent in addressing challenges during the installation process and continue to support our technology needs as we continue to customize and automate our processes.”

Tim Mustafaj, Vice President, iPark

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