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Saberpoint’s story is one of transformation, adaptability and perseverance. Our origins stem from the successful operation of a wireless retail play, which we parlayed into successful software solutions consultancy. We transformed from enterprise customer into a key, enterprise provider.

About Us

About Us

Saberpoint is an IT Consulting and digital solutions company that provides technology and business transformation services to small, medium and large enterprises in the US, Europe and India. We enable our customers to get a 360 degree view into their business, and their customers, by leveraging technology to promote efficiencies, insights and revenue. We are, among many other things, an eCommerce solution provider, Salesforce integration partners, and providers of SAP Professional Services.

Saberpoint has strategically partnered with market leaders in the technology industry, including SAP, Salesforce and AWS to provide on premise, cloud and hybrid solutions that include ERP, Analytics, Hosting, Internet of Things and Mobility. We are proud to be SAP and Salesforce implementation partners. This has allowed us to provide SAP services consulting and "Salesforce consultants near me." In addition, we have unique partnerships with companies that provide “next generation” solutions for digitalization, marketing, loyalty/retention, analytics, and cyber security solutions to provide a well rounded solution portfolio to our customers.

Saberpoint is headquartered in New York City with operations in the US, Israel and India. We offer a combination of local (New York and New Jersey in the US) and offshore (Pune and Mumbai in India) development services to balance the need for client interaction and presence with cost efficiencies aimed at providing a global delivery model with competitive pricing, diverse services and 24/7 support.

Saberpoint is headed by a management team that has experience both as a customer that has purchased IT solutions and services, and as an IT delivery firm in the provision of these services to Saberpoint’s customers. This gives us a very unique perspective of both sides of the buying and selling equation, which we leverage to right-fit our customers for their specific needs with customized solutions and technology relevant to their industry in an effort to stay ahead of the ever-evolving and hyper competitive marketplace. This is especially important for our role as SAP and Salesforce implementation partners.

Our History

Our History

Saberpoint was founded as the internal IT arm of the Arjay Wireless Group of Companies (est. 1989). Arjay started business as a single retail storefront in New York , and went on to become a major player in the wireless industry in the United States and Belgium with wireless relationships including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and other prepaid carriers, and manufacturer relationships including Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony Ericsson. By 1999, Arjay’s business had grown to encompass business operations in 18 States under multiple companies, which required Saberpoint to be established as an IT division that was capable of handling its evolving and expanding technology requirements.

Arjay’s combination of operating scale, carrier/manufacturer relationships, professional reputation and ability to effectively respond to evolving market conditions positioned us to leverage the continued long term growth of the U.S. Wireless industry, and by extension the change it influenced in business as a whole around mobility and changing user expectations of technology consumption.

While Saberpoint initially provided SAP ERP and Analytics solutions to each of the Arjay companies, it quickly evolved to support the EDI and Ariba procurement and integration requirements of Arjay’s enterprise portfolio, which encompassed companies such as Pfizer, Prudential, Mercedes Benz, Goldman Sachs and Waldorf Astoria among others. As an extension of the wireless services, Saberpoint also built an end to end eCommerce and fulfillment platform for the sale of Sprint (then Nextel) and AT&T (then Cingular) wireless devices and services online under the Mobile Plaza brand. Mobile Plaza leveraged new sales and operational solutions for the existing wireless distribution operations, developed eCommerce as a new channel of distribution to meet customers where they were shopping, and developed and managed custom fulfillment portals for our enterprise clients.

In 2013, Saberpoint made a strategic shift to marketing it’s IT expertise and services to other Small and Medium sized businesses in the US and India. In this, we built upon our experience with implementing and customizing technologies such as SAP, and most importantly our experience as a customer of IT Solutions and Services, which has given us unparalleled insight into customer needs and change management requirements. As part of our strategy, we have become authorized SAP and Salesforce implementation partners.

Saberpoint has additionally built a separate division to partner with disruptive technology companies, specifically from Israel and elsewhere, to offer a very innovative technology portfolio of “next generation solutions” to our customers in the US and India. These solutions range from midsize or small business cyber security to digitalization, customer retention and marketing, and enable us to offer incremental value to our customers.

Today, Saberpoint offers its customers a 360 degree view into their business (as well as their customers) by leveraging technology to promote efficiencies, insights within their business transformation journey. Saberpoint remains committed to being a trusted technology advisor for our customers, and to identifying and partnering with new and disruptive technology solutions to influence change through business transformation for our customers.

The Team

The Team

Ajay Bhumitra

President & CEO

Ajay Bhumitra is the President & CEO of Saberpoint. He plays the role of Head Coach by setting the company’s vision and drives its growth plans. Ajay established Saberpoint in 1999 to provide technology solutions to the wireless distribution industry. Today, he provides executive leadership of Saberpoint’s value proposition to give a wide array of industry customers a 360 degree view of their business by enabling strategic, financial, operational, and customer insights from a technology perspective.

Ajay transitioned from the corporate sector to an entrepreneur in 1989, and has a distinguished career as the driving force behind a Group of Companies in the Wireless and Technology industries with eleven successful exits along the way. His experience encompasses the entire spectrum of the wireless industry ranging from Retail, Wholesale, Accessories Distribution, Device Distribution, eCommerce, and Enterprise supporting the wireless needs of enterprise clients including AIG, Mercedes Benz, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Revlon, Prudential and Societe Generale. His experience in the technology industry ranges from an early generation ISP and a computer school in the mid 90s to the what Saberpoint evolved into presently.

In the last decade, Ajay has been involved with education through his efforts to fund special projects at his alma mater, Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, and by the setting up and running of a school for underprivileged children in Sonepat, India.

Previously, Ajay worked at Coopers and Lybrand (now Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and Thomas Cook.

Ken Engel


Ken Engel is the EVP and a principal of Saberpoint. He provides executive-level leadership and direction to the overall Saberpoint sales/marketing and business development teams for sales and pre-sales strategy, customer relations, demand generation, strategic partnerships and vendor relations.

Ken oversees Saberpoint’s business relationships with SAP, Salesforce and other emerging technology platforms. He is directly responsible for overall sales growth and profitability and a trusted advisor and co-Executive to the President / CEO. He maintains ongoing client relations with Saberpoint’s key accounts.

Ken has been working with start-up, mid-size and enterprise clients since 1983, and over the years has worked closely with a wide variety of industry clients including Pfizer, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Merrill Lynch and more recently Benjamin Moore, L'Oreal, American Eagle Outfitters, Scrub Daddy and a variety of other industry segments.

Ken serves on the interviewing committee with executives from SAP and Ernst & Young for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award which recognizes the endeavors of exceptional men and women within their industry. He additionally participates on a Human Resources panel for the New York University Masters Program with a specific focus on technology curriculum whereby he evaluates student presentations each semester.

Prior to Saberpoint, Ken worked for McCaw Cellular and ATT Wireless as a Corporate and National Account Manager as well as holding sales & marketing positions with ITT and MCI in varying facets of telecommunications and software technology.

Anuj Upadhyay

Vice President and General Manager

Anuj Upadhyay is the Vice President/ General Manager for Saberpoint. He plays the dual role of Defensive Coordinator as he provides leadership support in finance, operations and project management.

Anuj has a focal responsibility in managing the tactical and day to day operations of Saberpoint, and serves as a key conduit between sales and operations to identify customer needs, determine solutions, and facilitate demos/ proposals to secure new and incremental business, as well as to meet delivery deadlines.

Anuj collaborates with the sales and technical teams on business technology solutions to ensure for exceptional customer experience by understanding client needs, assessing alternatives, and recommending effective sell-through solutions. Additionally, Anuj collaborates with Saberpoint’s US marketing/business development team and its off-shore technical team.

Prior to Saberpoint, Anuj held leadership positions in the wireless industry, where he managed a chain of AT&T branded retail stores. He was responsible for the overall P&L of over $100M+, and successfully managed all the strategic and operational aspects of this business, including the wireless carrier relationships. His analytical and strategic style of management has allowed him to successfully manage multi-layered distribution channels simultaneously.

Raghu Prabakarr

Director, Business Technology Solutions

Raghu Prabakarr is the Director of Business Technology Solutions at Saberpoint. In football terms, he plays the role of Special Teams Coordinator.

Raghu is responsible for all ERP, Business Intelligence, and ETL customer projects in the small to medium-sized business space. He manages Saberpoint’s on shore and off shore technical consultants for SAP B1, Business Intelligence (data warehouse and reporting), and application development. Additionally, Raghu collaborates with the Saberpoint sales team for specialized pre-sales support as well ad customer presentations and demos.

Raghu has a proven track record which includes 21 years of experience in Solutions and Data Architecture, development / implementation of critical software applications, project management, and system integration. He leverages his experience in all phases of packaged and customer system project development lifecycle, ranging from project scoping and blueprinting to modeling, design, development, testing, training, mentoring, organizational change management, and production support, to successfully deliver projects to our customers.

Previously, Raghu worked with various companies in the Arjay Wireless Group, NCG Inc., Singapore Technologies Telemedia and Enterprise Telesys Limited.

Hanit Gyani

Director of Partnerships and Marketing, Chief of Staff

Hanit Gyani is the Director of Partnerships & Marketing for Saberpoint. In football terms, she plays the role of Strong Safety and Special Teams.

Hanit plays a focal role in corporate strategy, and has established and manages Saberpoint’s strategic partnerships in the area of disruptive technology companies out of Israel, India, Europe and the U.S. She has global responsibility for identifying new technology solutions, driving organizational growth through strategic and innovative marketing programs and projects, and fostering strategic partnerships in the areas of Cyber Security, Analytics, Marketing, Customer Experience and Retention. She leads the Presales efforts for these value-add solutions to small, medium, and large businesses.

Hanit cultivates and strengthens long-term relationships with a vast network of technology partners and vendors in the U.S. including SAP and Concur. She collaborates with the marketing and business development teams on traditional, digital and social marketing initiatives including internal and external Corporate Communication initiatives, business plans and proposals.

Independent of Saberpoint, Hanit handles the corporate role of Chief of Staff to the CEO as a key member of the senior leadership team, and heads up all the legal initiatives.

Previously, Hanit worked with Arjay Wireless and with Ernst & Young in Corporate Advisory Services.

Hanit also has a personal blog about her experiences in and around New York at

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