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Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected devices, machines and objects that can transmit data without requiring any human interaction. Saberpoint leverages IoT to create a network of previously disconnected devices, applications, objects and machines that can automatically sense, interact and transfer data to transmit their state of being. With IoT, Saberpoint helps its customers to automate and monitor everything imaginable to improve communication and productivity to achieve a truly digital workplace.

Making a difference with IoT

Achieve situational awareness for better decision making

Saberpoint has leveraged IoT to realize the following benefits for its customers:

  • Improve efficiencies
  • Facilitate new business models
  • Generate new forms of revenue
  • Build the ability to scale manufacturing, customer service or any other resource-intensive process up or down
  • Automate previously manual processes
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Enable innovation

IoT adoption by Industries

Improve efficiencies, productivity and decision making with a variety of use cases across industries

While customers are adopting IoT in various forms in their daily lives – think wearables, connected cars, or remote access to home alarm systems – there are extensive use cases in various industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing: IoT is finding extensive use in manufacturing for process optimization, equipment monitoring, especially for preventive and predictive maintenance. This is especially prevalent in specially designed manufacturing software for a small business.
  • Logistics & Transportation: Vehicles and packages are increasingly equipped with sensors to communicate location, track behavior and optimize routes etc.
  • Utilities: The use of Smart Meters is becoming increasingly prevalent, as is the use of sensors to monitor physical infrastructure and equipment in remote areas for maintenance and efficiency.
  • Healthcare: IoT is finding extensive use for the monitoring of both patients and equipment to communicate real time information to improve diagnosis and quality of care.
  • Consumer Electronics: Many consumer electronics devices, such as refrigerators, HVAC and alarm systems, are IoT enabled, as are commonly used digital assistants.

Saberpoint has worked with a number of these industries to find practical use cases for IoT in the workplace. As an example, Saberpoint has rolled out an IoT solution to count unwrapped product as it enters a wrapping machine and count the wrapped product as it comes out on the other side, thereby eliminating a manual process and creating efficiencies for our customer.

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