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Saberpoint enables its Wholesale Distribution customers to become more nimble, agile and efficient by providing a common technology platform for sales, purchasing, finance and supply chain planning and execution aimed at delivering meaningful experiences to their customers. This transformation simplifies partner engagements to achieve economies of scale, and digitalizing omnichannel customer engagement to provide personalized experiences to their customers.

Industry Dynamics

The wholesale distribution industry is being disrupted with new challenges which require a re-thinking of the traditional siloed environments on legacy solutions, which lack transparency across the organization. Today, the industry is being pressured to change because of:

  • Evolving customer expectations for speed, simplicity, reliability, personalization, and availability
  • Digitalization of the buying journey with customers expecting multichannel engagement across all media, including online, mobile, and retail
  • New disruptive competition as the lines between manufacturing, wholesale, and retail are blurring
  • Workforce Empowerment by providing employees across the value chain with the right tools and insights to make them effective, efficient and engaged
  • The emergence of innovative business models to gain competitive advantage

Strategic Priorities for our Customers

Saberpoint works with our wholesale distribution customers to pursue their strategic priorities by empowering them to:

  • Compete by expanding beyond traditional industry boundaries
  • Become a proactive, insight -driven company
  • Digitalize processes to change the way business is done
  • Improve productivity and enable the workforce
  • Automate manual processes to realize efficiencies
  • Blend operations with analytics, becoming more agile in reacting to events that impact the business
  • Analyze cost-to-serve and make better decisions with analytics and real-time insights
  • Leverage new insights to execute on business objectives including operational performance, risk analysis and sales forecasting.
  • Empower suppliers and distributors with better data access and real-time insights into company performance, sales trends and geographical execution
  • Anticipate and drive better outcomes with predictive analytics around productivity, performance and pricing

Saberpoint works with our wholesale distribution customers to deliver technology solutions to plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze their business, all on an integrated IT platform designed to run flexible, tightly integrated processes to achieve excellence.

Customer Testimonial

“Saberpoint has been since the beginning of our commercial relationship a true delivery partner, their engagement on the many different projects we’ve worked with them throughout the years is more than excellent. There has been no IT need from our company that prove a challenge from them; from helping us arrange the best “Infrastructure Colocation” to develop complex applications that make our day-to-day operations a lot simpler translating this into increase of revenues. ”

Ivan Rosario, CIO, Stemcor

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