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Personal Safety (SAFE)

Personal Safety (SAFE)

Saberpoint not only protects you from virtual and digital threats, but it helps guard you from physical ones as well. We have developed a suite of safeguards centered on our SAFE application.

First developed for the higher education system, SAFE is a mobile application that emulates a one-touch SOS signal to your respective security department. There is no third-party security, so your messages are sent directly to help on-premise.

Please go to the SAFE website HERE to learn more.

Mobile Identification and Authentication

Your mobile device is not only used for calling, texting, or surfing the web anymore. It is now becoming a multi-tool for payment, identification, and convenience that fits in your pocket. While your device becomes your identification, it is important to be able to differentiate you from a potential imposter.

Saberpoint can help you maintain your identity through a variety of authentication solutions, like:

  • Biometrics like fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and more
  • Direct-to-device authentication messaging
  • Mobile authentication tokens