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Innovative Life Sciences Digital Transformation Solutions

Leveraging technology to drive innovation, efficiency, and compliance for digital transformation in the life sciences sector

Innovative Life Sciences Digital Transformation Solutions

The Life Sciences industry is being redefined by the innovative use of technology and big data. Today, changing patient expectations and personalized medicine are driving technologies such as wearables, personalized and 3D printing of medicines. There is immense pressure on life sciences companies to do more for less. They are facing new price pressures and competitive threats. New entrants into the marketplace have changed the way they deliver products, forcing them to adopt new approaches or face stagnant or declining revenue growth and margins. Digital transformation in life sciences is forcing companies to rethink their business models and restructure the value chain for compliance, performance, and growth. New value will come from the ability to digitalize the model and accelerate innovation.

Industry Dynamics

Digital transformation in life sciences is taking place through:

  • Artificial Intelligence, which is impacting the way pharmaceuticals and medical devices are discovered, manufactured, distributed, and consumed, enabling greater personalization across the industry
  • Machine Learning for analysis of patient data for information that can make a difference on a patient-by patient basis
  • Blockchain which has applicability across all supply chain functions, with particular benefit to unique aspects of the Life Sciences supply chain such as provenance, serialization track and trace and specialty logistics
  • Digital Health with the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicines more personalized and precise. As a multi-disciplinary domain, it involves many stakeholders, including clinicians, researchers and scientists with a wide range of expertise in healthcare, engineering, social sciences and public health
  • The need to comply with newer regulations such as serialization

Strategic Priorities for our customers

Saberpoint works with Life Sciences organizations with technology and digital transformation solutions to support FDA regulation requirements to core business issues for compliance, performance, and growth with:

  • Analytics, Reporting, and Data Warehousing - With disparate systems coupled various complex processes including chargebacks, high transaction volume, and difficult rebate and discount clauses, many life sciences organizations struggle to report and understand their business performance. Saberpoint's Analytics solution stack provides the ideal platform for our customer to create a centralized information store to collect, cleanse and co-relate information from their disparate sources. It also provided a way to perform consistency and accuracy checks across systems easily and automatically
  • Industry specific requirements including Contract Management, Content and Licensing for management of rights and royalties programs, Vendor Programs management and collaboration with built in tools for modeling, administering and analyzing vendor programs, Pricing from agreement initiation to analytics, Trade Programs to manage inventory, claims and rebates etc
  • Tracking, Tracing, and Serialization to ensure compliance with the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) serialization requirements for pharmaceutical supply chain through
  • Cloud migration for efficiency, cost effectiveness and competitive advantages within the security and compliance requirements

Customer Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure to work with Saberpoint to roll out several SAP initiatives starting with an analytics project using SAP Business Objects which consolidated data from multiple sources which brought tremendous efficiencies in our pharmaceutical environment. That initial project then grew into an overall S/4 HANA ERP and SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals serialization implementation. Saberpoint as a partner was our bridge to using SAP as a technology to meet our business and regulatory needs, and to help automate a number of processes to provide real time data for decision making. They are a professional, experienced, and extremely diligent team, and have brought value to our organization with their consistent efforts.”

Senior Manager, IT, Generic Pharmaceutical Company

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