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Leveraging technology to drive digitalization and innovation


Utility companies today are grappling with the reality of the digital economy, especially since their existing enterprise systems cannot deliver the capabilities needed to drive their strategic priorities; nor can they help organizations move to the next level of customer and consumer experience, productivity, or workforce engagement.

The utilities industry needs to embracing innovation to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated customers and to improve operational efficiencies. Utility companies are understanding the impact and potential of digital transformation, which is being leveraged to innovate across the value chain to drive profitable growth by successfully adapting to how customers want to acquire, use, and pay for their solutions and services.

Industry Dynamics

Leading utility companies are capturing new business opportunities by driving consumer outcomes, increasing productivity, and empowering a culture of innovation. These are being driven by:

  • The use of sensors and meters attached to power-consumption or power-generation devices to stabilize the operator’s grid
  • Smarter asset management with a fully digital allocation of spare parts, work, and logistics services
  • Creation of cost-efficient, compliant, and safe power generation with smart asset operations and maintenance
  • Business opportunities being generated around balancing services in the energy system
  • Streamlining of energy settlement processes for complying to any regulatory requirements
  • Omnichannel Retail to Digitalized Consumers
  • Leverage real-time data analysis to broaden the scope of customer interactions and increase addressable consumer spend
  • Sell new services and create energy communities by developing traditional customers into prosumers

Strategic Priorities for our customers

Saberpoint works with our Utility customers to:

  • Accelerate new business models and deliver the best customer experience by connecting the front office to the back office
  • Realize significant productivity and agility gains with the digitalization and integration of operational systems, back-office systems, and supply chain management
  • Transform core utilities and other data from diverse sources into actionable insights
  • Empower decision makers with self-service data access and deeper, real-time insights
  • Leverage new insights to execute on business objectives including operational performance, risk analysis and sales forecasting
  • Get a 360 degree view of all digital customer interactions
  • Streamline IVR through digital engagement aimed at better customer experience
  • Engage the workforce with better user experience and by automating high-volume repetitive tasks
  • Intuitive and consistent user interfaces across functions and lines of business
  • Contextual insights and transaction automation powered by machine learning
  • Predict opportunities to attract and engage new and existing customers and foster collaboration across the entire energy network
  • Increase productivity in billing and revenue management

Use Case for Utilities

Using IoT to connect remote facilities for preventive maintenance

Saberpoint has implemented a Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Monitoring Solution that leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technology to connect remote facilities to enable consistent communication regarding their state of operation for our customer. This leverages IoT sensors deployed in remote or unmanned facilities to monitor HVAC system temperatures, air flow, return air and supply air, and proactively sends alerts for increasing or decreasing temperatures and air flow outside an acceptable range, triggering warnings for repair before systems fail, thereby eliminating unplanned downtime.

The constant monitoring through IoT is generating vast amounts of useable data that are being leveraged to process and present analytics received from the sensors in the cell towers. This data is used with the solutions to enhance the built in rules engine with:

  • Data collected from hundreds to thousands of towers
  • Analytics-generated business rules that allow for monitoring and control of every tower
  • Real-time reports and readings that lead to educated decision making about towers
  • Detailed rules for data logger sensors located at their respective sites

The solution has assisted our customer to:

  • Reduce downtime and lower costs by minimizing breakdowns
  • Enable accurate scheduling and proper distribution of workforce
  • Provide scheduled reports and instant alerts
  • Help with preventive maintenance by better managing future malfunctions and costs

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