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Digital Transformation In The Education Industry

How digital transformation in the education industry can support the vision and mission of better education for all

Digital Transformation In The Education Industry

The education sector has traditionally been a slow adopter of changes in technology and desperately in need of enterprise digital transformation. In many ways, outdated and siloed systems still restrict transparency and data access causing organizational support structures to provide little coordination and balance. This lack of departmental integration often fails to provide a unified view of assets, leaving faculty and staff with high work loads and competing priorities.

Digital transformation in the education industry is beginning to help this sector reimagine student engagement, see the possibilities for data-driven management and transformation of business operations, and empower their workforce.

Industry Dynamics

What does digital transformation in the education sector look like? Institutions are using digital solutions for:

  • Optimizing the use of technology in teaching and learning, including personalized teaching
  • Improving student outcomes
  • Developing sustainable IT models to support teaching and learning
  • Enabling key campus stakeholders with mobile access to campus systems
  • Internet of Things for facility and student management and safety
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Strategic Priorities for our Customers

Saberpoint provides solutions for digital transformation in the education sector such as SAP Enterprise Support services. Our education industry customers rely on us for:

  • Data-driven university management with real-time and predictive insights
  • Reimagining student engagement using omnichannel communication
  • Smart campus and other Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios
  • Machine learning and predictive business actions for academic capabilities
  • Increased automation of academic processes and embedded digital assistant features
  • Leverage insights to improve student graduation and advanced education rates
  • Optimizing the operational environment with intelligent insights
  • Consolidated operational framework with embedded analytical insights
  • Accessible, secure data sets from analytic tools that work together
  • Knowledge sharing and community building
  • Managing student information based on 360-degree student profiles
  • Empowering employees digitally to make decisions in real-time and mobile
  • Overall digital transformation in the education industry

Use Case for Education

Making your campus a SAFE campus

Saberpoint has worked with an Educational Institution to develop a Safety App for Emergencies (SAFE). This enables all University students to contact the University security department through a custom mobile app that can send emergency messages with GPS location via an emergency button or as a text message.

SAFE’s backend admin module enables the Security Department to manage emergency messages based on sender’s GPS and profile coordinates to manage emergency alerts from employees and staff to keep them safe from incidents and avoid injuries and/or crime.

SAFE offers:

  • Real Time Attention - SAFE enables users to alert their security departments of situations that require attention in real time
  • One-Touch SOS – Easily accessible one-touch UI allows users to send SOS messages to emergency services like campus police or their campus EMS line
  • Customized SOS Messages – Users can create or use predefined custom text
  • Immediate and Effective Response - Emergency services will be notified quickly to serve and protect against any on campus incidents
  • Data and SMS Support - If there is no Wi-Fi or data service available, the message is sent as an SMS to security

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