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Solutions for SAP Financial Services Data Management

Leveraging technology to drive digitalization, efficiency, and compliance in the field of financial services

Solutions for SAP Financial Services Data Management

In today’s digital economy, financial service organizations are increasingly under pressure to innovate for success. Currently challenged by legacy infrastructure, including systems, platforms and tools, they need to focus on modernizing their infrastructure, rising above data silos to establish data as a single source of truth driving decisions across the organization, and leveraging data by embracing SAP Services Data Management, SAP Analytics, AI, and Big Data solutions. Customer facing interactions are becoming increasingly mobile centric, and digital banking is a focus to meet customers in channels where they prefer to engage with their financial institutions.

Industry Dynamics

The trends driving the financial services industry include:

  • Ability to connect seamlessly to attract and cultivate customers by enabling an integrated, multichannel environment
  • Deliver customer-centric products and services using a 360-degree customer view, with the agility to efficiently offer personalized products and services in real time orchestrated across channels
  • Data-driven intelligence for decision making based on accurate and complete customer information provided through an automated application to facilitate faster credit decisions, a vastly improved customer experience, significantly lower costs to serve, and a more secure risk profile
  • Optimize processes by embedding machine learning and other innovative technologies such as SAP investment management and SAP Information Platform Services
  • Implement new, innovative business and finance operating models
  • Meet regulatory requirements and accounting changes in a rapid, sustainable, cost-effective manner

Strategic Priorities for our customers

Saberpoint works with our Financial Services customers to:

  • Standardize data and provide a single source of truth across all systems and Lines of Business
  • Leverage emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data for financial services analytics
  • Segment customers and predict cross sell campaign success rates
  • Operational risk mitigation by AI based detection of risks like fraud, insider threats, money laundering, cyber-attacks and a broad range of abnormal business processes
  • Get a 360 degree view of all digital customer interactions
  • Streamline IVR through digital engagement aimed at better customer experience
  • Engage the workforce with a better user experience
  • Provides a clear line of sight between aggregated financial information and supporting details and root cause analysis
  • Implement SAP investment management

Use Case for Financial Services

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to analyze previously disparate data

Saberpoint worked with an Insurance company that saw an increase in profitability, and needed to identify the factors that drove the increase as during the past year here were changes in sales incentives for their agents, the insurance products for customers, as well as retail offerings of its competitors. Our client was interested in understanding the specific factors that influenced the increase so they could continue to use them for the current year.

By leveraging one of the predictive financial services analytics solutions in our portfolio, we analyzed sales performance influencers such as incentives, price changes, competitive landscape and product mix. The resulting predictive models identified that it was a specific segment of agents that influenced the increase in profitability, as well as the change in risk profile that our client experienced with the business driven by these distributors. This end to end analysis, which included the collation of necessary data from the customer, was completed in a period of 6 weeks.

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