How SAP Business One Gives Scrub Daddy Real-Time Visibility

Scrub Daddy is one of the greatest kitchen scrubbing tools to ever be invented, as the sponge itself adjusts its texture based on submerging the product in different water temperatures.

With Aaron Krause securing funding from Lori Greiner and becoming the biggest success story from Shark Tank, business was booming at over $170 million in retail sales since its inception. With a need for more advanced technology, Saberpoint was tasked to implement SAP Business One for Scrub Daddy, since it fulfilled all of the company’s requirements as an enterprise solution that could help them scale.

Through Saberpoint’s deep engagement, explorative exercises and execution, Scrub Daddy has tremendously improved the visiblity of both inventory and transactions in real-time. Customized dashboards help Scrub Daddy leadership monitor KPIs, helping to cut back on production times, which resulted in more streamlined workflows. Pricing can now be dynamically adjusted based on customer order patterns to maximize profits. Saberpoint was fully committed to helping the Scrub Daddy team get the most out of SAP Business One, and it shows.