Choosing AWS, SAP, or Salesforce from Saberpoint

Choosing AWS, SAP, or Salesforce from Saberpoint

Saberpoint Solution Portfolio: SAP, Salesforce, AWS

Saberpoint is an IT Consulting company that provides digital transformation services to small, medium, and large enterprises in the US, Europe, and India. We enable our customers to get a 360-degree view into their business, and their customers, by leveraging technology to promote efficiencies, insights, and revenue.  To enable this, we have strategically partnered with market leaders including SAP, Salesforce, and AWS. We firmly believe in the importance of using AWS, SAP, or Salesforce for startups and other kinds of businesses.

Saberpoint Services

Saberpoint is an SAP, AWS, and Salesforce consulting partner that works with our customer to implement custom and out of the box solutions including SAP business transformation services, Salesforce, and other disruptive technologies. Our services are:

  • Market Shaping – The digital experience continues to evolve, and the need for unleashing new market opportunities and customer experiences powered by intelligent technologies has never been greater.
  • Customer Centric – We enable Digital Experiences by embarking on a journey with our customers to help them realize the Art of the Possible.
  • Transformational – We transform and evolve in the world of cloud, digital. and platforms.

Saberpoint value proposition leveraging AWS, SAP and Salesforce among other technologies 

  • Digital Experience: Leveraging technology we empower customers to be agile and resilient to every changing markets & capture new market opportunities near & long term
  • Global Presence:  With offices across North America, Israel, and India we attract the most talented individuals globally
  • Broad Cross-Industry Experience and Expertise: Saberpoint has developed and delivered transformative, disruptive solutions across various industries.
  • Customer Experience: Saberpoint is laser-focused on customer experience and customer success. This is why it’s so important for Saberpoint to be an official SAP and Salesforce consulting partner.

Key Partnerships with SAP and Salesforce

Saberpoint has strategically partnered with market leaders in the technology industry, including SAP, Salesforce and AWS to provide on premise, cloud and hybrid solutions.  In addition, we have unique partnerships with companies that provide “next generation” applications for digitalization, marketing and customer loyalty solutions, analytics, and cyber security solutions to provide a well-rounded solution portfolio to our customers. Our technology portfolio includes:

  • Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • SAP Data Analytics
  • SAP Business Transformation Services
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Mobility
  • Marketing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digitization
  • SAP Crystal Reports

Industry Focus

Saberpoint has successfully worked with a wide range of industries that include:

  • CPG Retail to capture and anticipate customer needs in the moment to give customers exactly what, when, and where they want it.  This is achieved by driving personalized, contextual, and relevant shopping experiences for end customers of our clients.
  • eCommerce to provide a superior omnichannel ecommerce experience to build customer relationships and drive revenue.  Our portfolio of solutions enables our customers to differentiate themselves by providing a contextual experience that is timely, personalized, and truly relevant to each of their customers. 
  • Life Sciences by leveraging technology to drive innovation, efficiency, and compliance.  We work with Life Sciences organizations for the implementation of technology solutions to support core business issues for compliance, performance, and growth.
  • Wholesale & Distribution by enabling our customers to become more nimble, agile, and efficient by providing a common technology platform for sales, purchasing, finance and supply chain planning and execution aimed at delivering meaningful experiences to their customers.
  • Parking aimed at Automating and Digitalization of the Parking Industry.  We work with our parking customers to roll out consumer driven applications at the front end, which require real time integration and information from back end systems to be effective.
  • Professional Services by accelerating Transformation in the Industry.  Saberpoint works with our professional services customers to leverage technology to enable change and adapt to evolving industry dynamics to remain competitive.
  • Utilities by leveraging technology to drive digitalization and innovation.  Saberpoint works with our utilities customers to capture new business opportunities by driving consumer outcomes, increase productivity, and empower a culture of innovation.
  • Education by transforming to meet the vision and mission of better education for all. We work with the education sector to embrace digital transformation to reimagine student engagement, for data-driven management, transformation of business operations and to empower their workforce.
  • Manufacturing by leveraging technologies such as SAP and Salesforce to connect all the Ms of manufacturing – Manpower, Material, Method, Machine, Metrics, and Money. There are also distinct benefits of using SAP for a small manufacturing business. Saberpoint works with its manufacturing customers on technology initiatives to support and digitize their existing operations, transform customer experiences, and automate processes such as digital supply chain for greater speed and responsiveness, lower cost, increased flexibility and efficiency, and intelligence.
  • Financial Services by leveraging technology to drive digitalization, efficiency, and compliance

Contact us if you have questions about whether any disruptive solutions from our technology portfolio, such as SAP business transformation services or Salesforce, are right for your business. Saberpoint is a proud Salesforce consulting partner and has plenty of “Salesforce consultants near me” for our customers wherever they are located. We also provide a variety of cloud services from SAP as well as Salesforce and AWS.