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Nucleus Benefits: The Benefits of SAP S/4HANA

Nucleus engaged with SAP S/4HANA customers to determine the benefits and value they are deriving from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.


Headless Commerce: Optimizing Omnichannel Retailing

E-Commerce has gone through a paradigm shift in the last decade. The large format stores are losing their charm; and the new and more attractive shopping experience is now on screen. In 2019, as many as 4,300 stores closed shop[1] in what some people are now referring to as the retail apocalypse. These included high-end … Continue reading “Headless Commerce: Optimizing Omnichannel Retailing”

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Intelligent Enterprise

Future of Pharma Industry & Role of Technology

Steve Jobs predicted that the biggest innovations of the 21st Century will be at the intersection of biology [health, medicine] and technology [digital]. From an industry that was a reluctant laggard on the digital train at one time, pharma is now making up for lost time. Cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain and robotics are … Continue reading “Future of Pharma Industry & Role of Technology”

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The Future of Work- What You Need To Know Today

The strong infusion of technology at the workplace is creating a shift in how leaders want to run their businesses and manage people. As digital business transformation and constant tech evolution reshapes the business world, many conventional job roles are changing or becoming redundant, while a whole host of new roles are taking their place. Decision makers … Continue reading “The Future of Work- What You Need To Know Today”

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Using Cloud Capabilities for Competitive Advantage

An IDC InfoBrief powered by SAP on how small and midsize companies worldwide are applying cloud technology to meet key business goals.

Changing Trajectories in the Sports Arena- What to Expect in 2020

There was a time when fans could read the key statistics about their favorite player on the back of a baseball card. These days, sports fans look for minute details such as the trajectory the ball, the speed of the bat swing, the precision of the bowler and more. Data-driven decision making by coaches and … Continue reading “Changing Trajectories in the Sports Arena- What to Expect in 2020”

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SAP, Salesforce, and Other Technology Solutions Changing the Wireless Industry

Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences using Image/Facial Recognition

Customer experience is a phrase that has taken on several meanings. As customers aspire for better products, services and a great experience at the convergence point of convenience, best price points and functionality, retailers conspire to bring in as many platforms and technologies as possible to enable that experience. This translates into a simple mantra … Continue reading “Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences using Image/Facial Recognition”

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What Are User Journey Analytics and Why Do You Want Them?

Have you ever wanted to see and experience your business in the same way that your customers do? What kind of unique insights could your company gain by following and tracking each customer’s online experience? You may be surprised to learn that by utilizing user journey analytics to follow each interaction between customers and your … Continue reading “What Are User Journey Analytics and Why Do You Want Them?”

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Get the Best Digital Experience Analytics with Glassbox and Salesforce Service Cloud

What if you could see your customer’s online struggles in real time? Even better, what if your customer service agents could too? Imagine if your team was notified instantly when a potential customer ran into an issue on your website or mobile app, and even better, were able to respond instantly. Thanks to the combined … Continue reading “Get the Best Digital Experience Analytics with Glassbox and Salesforce Service Cloud”

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Why Small Business Cyber Security Matters

If you own a small business, matters of cyber security may not be at the front of your mind, but it may surprise you to know how integral it is to your success. Your small business may not have the resources available to fend off a virtual attack, and even worse, may not have the … Continue reading “Why Small Business Cyber Security Matters”

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