Benefits of SAP Cloud ERP as explained by Paul Francy, CFO of Scrub Daddy

Watch Paul Francy, the CFO of Scrub Daddy, talk about how they have benefitted from SAP Cloud ERP at one of our webinars, especially during the pandemic in 2020.

Saberpoint worked with Scrub Daddy to implement the cloud version of the SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning solution as it fulfilled all of the company’s requirements as an enterprise solution that could help them scale, as well as to grow with their business.

Through Saberpoint’s deep engagement, explorative exercises and execution, Scrub Daddy has tremendously improved the visibility of both inventory and transactions in real-time.

Customized dashboards help Scrub Daddy leadership monitor KPIs, helping to cut back on production times, which resulted in more streamlined workflows. Pricing can now be dynamically adjusted based on customer order patterns to maximize profits. Saberpoint was fully committed to helping the Scrub Daddy team get the most out of SAP Business One, and it shows.

As an SAP Gold Partner, Saberpoint is well positioned to help companies with their SAP ERP needs.