How Technology is Changing the Way Businesses Measure Assets

Watch a short video clip from our webinar, “Building Shareholder Value Through Enterprise Technology from SAP”, which addresses how value creation is increasingly being measured through the value driven by data.

Our PE subject matter expert, Mike Morris, explains at a high-level how Activities, Actions, and Assets that are currently being captured or measured on a Balance Sheet, P&L statement and in a cash forecast will increasingly be measured by the value that is driven by data such as profitability analysis and contribution margin as off balance sheet items. New data assets will include:

  • Customer history & profitability
  • Performance Marketing data
  • Omni-channel sell thru activity
  • Customer Service engagement
  • Trends analysis/forecasting
  • Product profitability

In all this, it is critical to establish data as a company’s single source of truth to enable more efficient and effective decision making.