Manufacturing Industry IoT Solution for equipment without PLCs

Watch Ken Engel, EVP, describe how Saberpoint delivers value to manufacturing companies that have legacy manufacturing equipment without Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

By leveraging sensors, Saberpoint is able to automate manual processes to reduce specific manual touchpoints in the manufacturing process to improve efficiencies, and communicating data with an SAP Business One ERP system to make our customers Intelligent Enterprises.

To ease the automation process without incorporating PLCs to all the legacy machines, Saberpoint has developed an IoT solution in monitoring wastage across the manufacturing process by setting up counters at the cooling tunnels for counting the pieces coming out of the machines and sending the counts back to the production order residing in SAP B1 database.

Our innovative IoT Solution assist companies with legacy manufacturing equipment that is not sensor enabled to gain Internet of Things capabilities, thereby resolving pain points and automating manual processes to improve efficiencies and accuracy.