The Intelligent Enterprise for the Retail Industry

The Intelligent Enterprise for the Retail Industry

The recent years have been marked by an unrelenting and disruptive consumer
revolution – a search for convenience, price, and customer experience that has moved consumers online.

The next five years will require retailers to unify the online and offline worlds, a challenge dependent on both technology and that most human of elements: trust.
Looking ahead to 2025, consumers will expect retailers to be deeply enmeshed in
their lives as trusted partners, and the consumer and the retailer will have a
relationship based on common values.

Retailing will shift from a product-centric approach to customer-centric, experiential retail blending products, physical and digital services, personalization, and unprecedented levels of convenience. Experiences will be
measured and improved.

Physical stores will remain an integral part of the retail shopping experience, but they will be dramatically transformed to offer an array of experiences, from highly personalized services to showrooms, fitting rooms, and even brand extensions that could include classes and entertainment.

This paper takes a deep dive into the trends shaping our industry over the next five years and the path to innovation. In it we propose a set of priorities that will drive transformation and the tools that will make it possible.

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