Get the Best Digital Experience Analytics with Glassbox and Salesforce Service Cloud

Get the Best Digital Experience Analytics with Glassbox and Salesforce Service Cloud

What if you could see your customer’s online struggles in real time? Even better, what if your customer service agents could too? Imagine if your team was notified instantly when a potential customer ran into an issue on your website or mobile app, and even better, were able to respond instantly. Thanks to the combined power of Glassbox and the Salesforce Service Cloud, that is now a reality. With digital experience analytics, you are able to make informed decisions by utilizing online client interactions and see just how those impact your business. 

Advanced Support, Right When You Need It

Combining the ability to see your customer sessions in real time, as well as all your stored customer sessions, any authorized representative of your company can pull up your client’s digital footprint with your organization. This means that those in IT, marketing, customer service and more are all able to see where the consumer is having issues with your site, where they have historically ran into issues, and then resolve those issues to improve Customer Experience. A cloud based service means that these interactions are accessible across your entire organization, regardless of geographical location. This can be extended further with Customer Experience Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics to provide the best experience possible to your customers.

Salesforce partners are able to use their combined expertise and experience to provide the best apps and services to clients, such as the synergy between Salesforce Service Cloud and Glassbox. They are also able to help companies find the right tools necessary to drive business. Agents and IT members are able to resolve customer issues, frequently during the very first contact by using informed insights based on the client’s historical online journey with your business, as well as the necessary tools, such as your customer’s online journey, needed to analyze, correct, and even predict future interactions. 

Smart Technology Driving Change

Integrating smart technology (such as digital experience analytics) into all aspects of your company can completely change how your business operates and the value that your customers derive from their digital customer experience. Enterprise digital transformation can give your organization the power and tools it needs to stand out in the online marketplace with customer session replay analytics, UGC marketing, personalized marketing, customer relationship marketing, and next generation loyalty solutions.

By combining the power of integrative tools, tracking your customer’s unique online experience, and utilizing cloud services that allow employees complete access to client interactions, your company can continue to provide the best service to their clientele. Alerts in real time to notify you when and where a customer is having an issue on the site or app, and notify the proper department to assist, rather than forcing the customer to wait or losing the customer can be a game changer for your company. This same technology can grow and adapt as more insights become available and make smart suggestions, adaptive models, and informed predictions based on smart analytics, making it a virtual learning AI.