Improve Customer Satisfaction with Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

Tracking your customer’s journey with your company from start to finish can give you valuable insight into their experience, not only with your products or services, but also your brand. It may seem like a daunting task though. From trying to figure out how the customer found you, to what they were looking for versus what they purchased, how long it took them to make a purchase, any errors they experienced along the way,  and how much they may have wavered before they finally made a decision or decided to abandon their shopping journey, there are many data points to capture and analyze. Customer experience analytics solutions may be exactly what your company needs to efficiently discover just what your customers are looking for, and how best to help them find it.

How to Streamline the Consumer Experience

Saberpoint offers several solutions for tracking your customer interactions. One is CRM software by Salesforce. This software program helps unite all of your customer’s information safely and securely onto one platform that can be accessed by any employee in the company. This allows for a more streamlined experience if a customer calls in with an issue. With the help of AI, customer issues can be approached intelligently. The support of suggested articles, service recommendations, and intelligent analysis of their entire purchasing journey and contact history with your company will help your employees create a unique solution for each customer.

The CRM software tracks each customer’s data from their first digital experience with your company, through their decision making process, to their final decision and purchase and every interaction beyond. This creates a complete profile and all of this information is then stored in the CRM cloud and can be utilized by anyone in the company at any point in time that may come into contact with the customer, creating a complete customer profile.

Another option that we offer is Glassbox, a provider of cutting-edge session replay tools which integrates the client and server side customer experience analytics to give you unparalleled insight into what your customers are experiencing on your website and mobile app. With Glassbox, you can record every customer interaction on your web and mobile sites, and get a 360 degree view of all digital interactions for your data lake.  Glassbox gives you the ‘why’ behind customer experience on your digital channels, and it offers a replay of all customer sessions, maps their customer journeys, gives you a clickmap on your website to fully understand where customers are spending their time, as well as automatically captures all errors. Here is a simple video to explain the value that it provides, both on your website and mobile app. 

Back-end Technology Solutions 

As a digital solutions company, finding and developing the best technology to better assist our clients is our number one goal. Another vital piece of the customer experience analytics solution is having the back-end technology available to everyone in the company. By integrating every step of the production, marketing, sales, investment, shipping, customer retention, IT and every other related step, employees and owners are able to access the data they need to make good decisions. 

Solutions like Glassbox include masking capabilities that can allow control over which employees can see which customer information, making it easy to protect sensitive customer data. This is especially important for businesses operating on an international level, as it makes GDPR compliance much easier.

With a good CRM and customer data visualization tool, owners are able to see a real-time snapshot of what exactly is going on in their company. This information can help them make more informed decisions about different aspects of their business. It also provides invaluable information about where changes and adjustments may need to be made, preventing any potential issues.

You can even integrate Glassbox within your Salesforce instance so the customer sessions are available to customer support agents when looking up a particular customer.

By adapting the right technology, businesses are better able to anticipate customer needs and provide them with personalized solutions. This same technology can also give better insight into not only the day-to-day details of the company, but also with the use of AI, voice, cloud services, and new emerging technology, ensure customer loyalty through an enhanced customer experience. This same technology can also track which advertising and marketing efforts are working, and what audiences they’re reaching. 

The data that you need to better understand your business’s impact and your customers’ needs is out there. With the right customer experience analytics solutions, you can collect, analyze, and understand it far more easily than ever before.