What Are User Journey Analytics and Why Do You Want Them?

What Are User Journey Analytics and Why Do You Want Them?

Have you ever wanted to see and experience your business in the same way that your customers do? What kind of unique insights could your company gain by following and tracking each customer’s online experience? You may be surprised to learn that by utilizing user journey analytics to follow each interaction between customers and your business, you can gain invaluable insight into exactly what they are looking for, and what might have convinced them to make a purchase on your site, or what dissuaded them from doing so. This insight can also help debug any issues that your site may be experiencing, while giving you real time suggestions on things that can be improved upon.

Tracking User Experiences on Web and Mobile

Knowing exactly what your customers are looking for and why they did or didn’t purchase your product is invaluable information that can help you grow according to customer demands. With solutions like Glassbox, you are not only able to see exactly what your customer sees in real time, but you are also able to create a journey path for them that traces every interaction they have with your company in an online setting. These interactions include both traditional web browsing as well as mobile web usage. Approximately 36% of all online purchases occur on a mobile device, and with Glassbox, those interaction records can be viewed and recorded in real time, as tagless entries. This allows for correlation between these journeys and infrastructure experiences, leading to integration with other tools further driving digital transformation.  

Another great feature is the ability to use the insights gained through tracking your customers’ journeys to make each experience personal for them. You can visualize and follow the path every customer takes from any promo landing page, and understand which marketing tactics are working based on the type of volume that each promotion creates, all the way through to placing orders. You can also determine which offers are encouraging customers, and which ones seem less effective. With the information gleaned from the analysis provided by the system, you are able to tailor offers specifically for each customer. 

These insights can be combined with your technology stack, including your retail ERP and analytics solutions, to develop a unified and personalized customer experience. This will ensure all around smoother, more intelligent interactions between you and your client.

Intelligent Predictions via Machine Learning

Customer journey analytics can help your organization create a complete picture from your client’s point of view by linking every event the customer has touched or been touched by.  These interactions are then analyzed to create predictive models. At Saberpoint, we recommend our clients leverage Glassbox because we appreciate its ability to capture 100% of data on 100% of mobile and web customer journeys, correlating data from both the client side and the server side to fully understand Customer Experience from all points of view within an organization. Once you have complete digital information in your data lake, you can put it through the analytic tools of your choice, such as an SAP Predictive Analytics integrator to enhance your data.

Why capture 100% of data? Because looking at the entire width and breadth of your customer base and their experiences with your site gives you a much more accurate viewpoint than just looking at a snapshot. Using a single solution that records every session, on both web and mobile, gives you access to any customer journey. Curious as to when customers switch from mobile to web? Wondering which areas of your website are getting clicked on and where? Want to see when a single specific customer encountered a bizarre error? You’ll have both the macro and micro view, and the ability to analyze it in the way that serves you best.

If your website could have a brain, the possibilities for growth would be endless. The right software can give your company the ability to gain powerful insights based on future predictive models. User journey analytics can give your organization the edge over your competition with smart predictions that can be used to make intelligent decisions.