Need a CRM for Your New Business? Consider Salesforce for Startups

Need a CRM for Your New Business? Consider Salesforce for Startups

The new year is right around the corner, and with it comes a lot of changes and goal setting. Maybe you are looking to expand your business, or maybe you are looking to start a new business. If you are in the latter category, then Salesforce could be the perfect solution to help you and your business get started on the right foot. We recommend Salesforce for startups because it can help fledgling companies get access to the right tools and software programs necessary to get their business not only up and running, but successful, right from the start. With years of experience in the business and CRM industry, Salesforce has the knowledge and products available to make your business successful, even as it is just starting out. 

Salesforce and AWS: Leveraging Two Great Solutions for Customer Service

One great option for new businesses is Salesforce AWS integration. This tool allows for complete integration across all of your systems to simplify and secure data between Salesforce and AWS solutions. By combining forces with AWS, Salesforce is able to offer Salesforce as a service and leverage AWS capabilities with pre built integrations to support your CRM needs. Through total system integration with the AWS service, all customer service issues can be handled quickly and efficiently through the Salesforce Service Cloud, leading to less hold and wait times, more knowledgeable assistance, and therefore a more positive experience for your customer. Representatives are able to see real time suggestions for customer service issues with the help of AI screening through the customer’s information in the system and linking all relevant information on hand together. The system also utilizes voice tools to translate, transcribe, and offer sentiment analysis. All of these programs work together to create unique solutions for the customer, with advice, articles and more right at the agent’s fingertips. Since it is a cloud service all information can be easily stored and accessed at a later time to help companies identify common issues and problems that customers experience, leading to a better overall product and experience. 

Salesforce Consulting for When You Need It

If you’re not sure how Salesforce can help your startup, you can contact a Salesforce consulting partner like Saberpoint. Salesforce has built a network of consulting partners to ensure the best assistance for new companies utilizing their software is available. These partners will be able to assist with any an all manner of questions about Salesforce for startups who aren’t sure where to start. 

There is a lot to do when you are first starting your business, but the right advice and assistance can go a long way in ensuring that your enterprise not only gets off the ground, but is successful. Having a passion for what you are doing will make everything seem a little less like work, while having the right partners, information, customers, and research will give you the know-how and advantage over your competitors. 

Is 2020 the Year You Follow Your Dream?

2020 could be your year. If you are ready to finally follow your dream of starting your own business, contact us. Learn how Salesforce and other software solutions for startups can help you make your dream a reality in the new year.